Logo for Biba, an all-natural luxury cosmetics brand.

In Punjabi, the word "Biba" translates to "sweet, pretty girl". In order to be consistent with this translation and also reflect the brand's nature, I chose to use an elegant script style of lettering. Additional flourishes were made to the outside of the exterior letters - "b" and "a" - adding an organic, natural feel while further reflecting the brand's flirty, sweet, and always classy personality.

Logo for personal training and life coaching brand, Most Motivated. The goal was to capture the brand's current mission and philosophy while also providing a flexible enough framework to support the brand's future aspirations as an umbrella company for multiple products, services, and industries. The "M" made of parallel diagonal lines portrays forward action and movement (also the tone of the company), while serving as the company monogram.

Logotype for Dungeons & Decals, a pop-culture-inspired vinyl decal shop. 
The mirrored "D" monogram is inspired by Marvel Comics character logos (e.g. Deadpool, Green Lantern) — it also naturally creates a shared, center bar that's reminiscent of a dungeon. To lighten up the dungeon-imagery and to reflect D&D's hip & stylish products, a light, timeless color palette of white, silver & black was selected.

Bridgewater Studio

Logo for Bridgewater Studio - design, engineering & fabrication company for the tv show Chicago Fire.

Bridgewater Studio was originally named to reflect the studio's proficiency at bridging disciplines. This, in addition to the studio's myriad skills — particularly soldering — sealed the fate for the final, fused-together logotype.

2016 American Graphic Design Awards Winner for Logo/Trademark


Identity design for Gallenberg PC, a professional lawfirm based out of Southern California.


Exclusive, upscale & urban, clothing retailer Higher Life Chicago asked for a clean, minimal-looking brand image which would reflect the exclusivity and originality of the brand itself. An original monogram using a slab-serif font was crafted. Then with secret societies in mind, I decided to frame the monogram in a triangle in order to communicate the brand's exclusivity.

While creating the visual identity for lingerie retailer Venus de Boudior, the goal was to craft a sexy yet classy icon which would engage the brand's target demographic of 21-45 year old women. Additionally, Venus de Boudior's owner happened to be a huge fan of burlesque shows, particularly the Parisian cabaret Moulin Rouge. Considering all factors, I crafted an art nouveau filigree and keyhole silhouette for the brand mark.
2015 American Graphic Design Awards Winner for Logo/Trademark

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