Digital Design
A Collection of Digital Projects - Emails, Websites, Microsites & Wireframes
eCommerce site, Dungeons & Decals
Dungeons & Decals Social Media (Twitter) Design
Responsive Emails for PERL Mortgage

Role: Code, Design, Graphics
Responsive, cross-client compatible email, "Your Loan Process", for PERL Mortgage.

Role: Code, Design, Graphics
Infographics for PERL Mortgage

Role: Infographic Design, Email Design & Code Projects

left: email campaign
right: homepage redesign to incorporate interactive map/search function 

Role: Design

Responsive, parallax design website featuring custom icons and PHP contact form for Most Motivated.

Role: Design, HTML, CSS, PHP

Email announcements for PERL Mortgage's rooftop networking events: Foo Fighters (2015) & Phish (2016).

Role: Design
A collection of responsive emails created for PERL Mortgage.

Role: Design, Code
TOMS Shoes "Welcome" Email

Role: Code, Design
Responsive Email for AnyLogic

Role: Code, Design
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